Manual/Automatic Driving Lessons

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Though manual vehicles are increasingly becoming a model car type of the past, there are still  many people who prefer to drive them rather than automatic. But whichever type of transmission you desire to drive Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Pros has the drive course to teach learns the method. Driving a manual can be an exhilarating feeling because once you know how to drive it, you have the basic foundation to drive many other types of manual transition vehicles, which is great for employment and driving high performance sport vehicles. Our driving instructors have taught countless drivers just like you and can turn you from a shy anxious learner to a confident driver.

Professional Expertise

Whether you are driving an automatic or a manual vehicle your attention needs to be on the road at all times. Some say with manual vehicles your attention is never diverted from the road, and some say the same with automatics, but which is you find to be the truth, you will learn from our professional driving instructors the methods for driving safely and following road regulations. We take our role as your driving instructor seriously and ensure that we impart the skills and information learners need to be safe, confident drivers on the highway and in local traffic heavy communities.

Enjoy the Thrill of High Performance Vehicles

Many manual transmission vehicle owners enjoy the thrill of speed and control they have when driving this type of car or truck. With the increasing popularity of automatic vehicles, driving a manual transmission has become part of the thrill of driving high performance vehicles. It takes a great deal of coordination and skill to master the manual transmission and our driving school has private driving instructors who are highly skilled at teaching learners the mechanics of driving these vehicles. You will have greater confidence and become more adept at operating a luxury vehicle and learn the safety techniques to become a safe driver.

Increase Skill Set

Whether you are learning to drive for pure enjoyment or for employment, you will have the benefit of knowing that you have an edge over many other drivers who don’t have the same knowledge after having taken professional driving lessons for both types of transmissions. You will have the confidence of knowing you can sit behind the wheel of any type of sedan and know that you have the skills to be safe well equipped driver. You have the freedom to drive, cars, trucks as well as high performance sport vehicles because you’ve taken time to attain a certificate from one of the best driving schools in the region.

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Responsible driving doesn’t happen overnight and without some degree of training. As one of the top driving schools in the region, we take our time with drivers so they learn all the tips of the road and become responsible risk adverse drivers who are confident to get behind the wheel. Using one of our driving instructors will afford you lower insurance premiums and give you the edge you want in testing as well as employment.