Most of us know the value of formal training, but perhaps you don’t think it’s needed when it comes to learning how to drive a car. Maybe you’re thinking it will save you money to learn from a friend or family member and you believe you can’t manage to learn any other way because it’s cheaper or you imagine it to be a tough ordeal. But this is far from the truth of driving school. It has become a popular place to learn the skill and safety of driving that results in lower insurance premiums and reduces the risk of road accidents. It’s not a gift to yourself to learn from a driving school, it’s a responsibility you have to yourself and others on the road.

About Us

There are some things you can learn and teach yourself, but there are other skills that are far better to learn from a professional. Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Pro is here to teach you the skill of driving so that you’re more confident on the road. With our expert driving instructor approach you will become a defensive driver that pays full attention to the road and understand all the laws and regulations of the road. We don’t just provide you with cheap driving lessons, instead our program also focuses on safety and reducing risk of accidents, which makes the road safe for everyone. Our work with timid and anxious drivers is well known throughout the industry and we take pride in our stellar reputation as an exceptional driving school.


Our Services

​From semi intensive lessons to traditional and very fast paced intensive driving courses, we are the top-rated driving school in the Milton Keynes. Our services benefit all types of drivers and ensure that you have a better shot at passing both your theory and practical driving test. We understand that in some cases time is of the essence, but we do not sacrifice quality learning opportunities for speed so even when you need to learn fast, we provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to be a responsible driver. When you’re seeking cheap driving lessons, by all means, come to us, but you’ll also receive high quality services that you can be proud to share with others.

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Intensive Driving Courses

If you’re seeking a super fast paced driving course, that provides all the skills and testing you need to make you a responsible and legal driver, there is no better service than Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Pro. We are known in the industry for our intensive driving courses that help learners gain employment and put them behind the wheel fast without sacrificing quality learning opportunities and knowledge. Don’t allow yourself to be a risk on the road, instead choose our number one driving school to teach your what you need to be a safe driver.

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Semi Intensive

Maybe you don’t need mere days to learn, but you want the freedom to drive sooner that it wuld take from a traditional months long driving course. Our driving instructors provide some of the best semi intensive learning opportunities in the region. A semi intensive course provides you with all the information and practical driving you need at a reduced time and if you are an anxious learner, you will gain skills needed to become a more confident driver. There’s no need to wait for months when you can learn in a matter of weeks with our excellent driving instructors.

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Theory Test

There’s no doubt about it, the theory test is hard and fewer than 50 percent of test takers who have not had formal instruction pass the first time they take it. So don’t waste your time and money retaking a tough test when our driving school can equip you with the test taking skills and knowledge you need to pass or and improve your chances from retaking it. It’s a critical part of earning your driver’s license so it’s worth the investment you will make.

“My friends all used Milton Keynes and they passed their tests with flying colors so I knew they were the school I wanted to use for my driving lessons.” – Selema H.

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“I learned how to drive in a week and it’s been fantastic. I got the job I wanted because Milton Keynes was patient with me and taught me the skills I needed super fast.” – David D.

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“Our son was a timid driver and the private driving instructors really worked with him over several month and we could not be happier with the results.” – Hamish T.

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Practical Driving Test

Getting behind the wheel of your vehicle for testing can be nerve wracking and often people make simple mistakes due to anxiety. But with our expertise, we prepare learners to do their very best taking the practical driving test. Our test preparation has helped countless learners improve their test taking and created a confidence behind the wheel that even their testing instructor noticed. Milton Keynes Driving Lessons Pro is here to help you reach your driving goals as quickly as possible.

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Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are the perfect opportunity to learn driving skills and become a confident person behind the wheel. Our private driving instructors well versed in strategies and methods to teach timid learners and we able to help you see improvement over the weeks you are with us. Our driving lessons are customised to meet the needs of every learner and we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. This means that we accommodate your personal schedule to provide you driving lessons wherever and whenever you need them on a weekly basis.

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Driving Lessons

Whether you intend to drive a high performance manual vehicle or an automatic hybrid, we teach you the mechanics of driving both of these transmissions so that you are well equipped to get behind the wheel of any vehicle. Our methods are well proven to create confident drivers who know and understand all the rules and regulations of the road. Milton Keynes Driving Lessons pros are the trusted driving school in the region for cheap driving lessons for manual and automatic transmissions.

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Contact Us Today

Call us today and you can start getting behind the wheel for your driving lessons as soon as you’re schedule permits. We adapt our driving lessons to learners so that they have the time they need to become confident, risk adverse drivers who know road regulations. As a professional driving school, we are at your service via mobile, online chat service, email and via our social media platform to answer all of your queries. Contact us for our cheap driving lessons cost and we respond rapidly to your request.